lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

Who are we?

Who are we?
ALBOR BOLIVIA is a children and youth organization, which has as fundamental activity the capacitation in oratorical art and the formation of leaders through poetic creation and realization and the development of scenic arts. During the work process of our organization, we could develop activities with children and young people from the city of El Alto with topics like oratorical art, leadership, human rights, sexual rights and citizenship. We could reach a level of recognition in society with allows us to keep on improving the quality of our ways of capacitation and the systematization of our activities. Because of the democratic exercise of participation and community, ALBOR aspires that the youth thinks of processes of leadership and a social acting, beginning with the elaboration of public politics in the councils, e.g.  in El Alto, with the perspective of strengthening the democratic process of our country. We know that the young women and men of the city of El Alto and the original people are discriminated against in different ways, socially, economically and culturally. That way, the capacitation will be focused on the necessity of developing the necessary and sufficient skills of the youth, so that they can claim their cultural rights and aspiration. There is a missing of expression, which would be very necessary for people for negotiating, understanding, understanding each other and by taking this step, agreeing on the possibility of solution and communication with democratic, participating and community respect.

A institution of alternative education which has improved the levels of capacitation of leadership of children and young people in the city of El Alto by literal and poetical education, having the recognition of the city of El Alto, the state and the local citizens.

ALBOR is an institution, which aspires the development of children and young people not only inside the own institution, but also in the whole city of El Alto. It seeks the psychosocial development of this population by programs of training and capacitation of leadership, oratorical art and scene art. To do so, ALBOR works together with parents, authors, directors, teaching staff of educational institutions, culture and youth centers, neighboring organizations in El Alto, state and private institutions, which are threatened with democracy, amplitude and respect.

An improvement of the conditions of socialization of children, youth and adults of the city of El Alto, offering them an education of leadership and oratorical art with the help of artistic and poetic expression and scenic art in the city of El Alto and other regions of Bolivia.

ALBOR is a cultural association, founded on September 17th, 1997. Since 1999, they organize the National School Festival of Declaration, called Jiwasamphi Sartañani. Since 2005, it has also started to become active within theater activities and 2007 it performed for the first time the play “Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina” (“The Open Veins of Latin America”), adapted to the theater,  where they reached a reward in the National Theater Prize “Peter Travesí”, and in 2009, they made a tour through Sweden and Denmark with the same theater play. In 2008, they successfully performed “Otra vez Miguel” (“Again Miguel”) in Stockholm, Sweden.
The theater group of El Alto has ten plays with social, historical, political and insurgent context. Being a cultural and educational movement, referring to the local and national level, for the definition of public politics in relation with arts and culture, is a aspiration and essential vision of ALBOR, to which it keeps on being loyal in its vide of social responsibility for the children and youth of Bolivia, aside of the educational aspect to incorporated events, which are already known in the country, e.g.:  The National Festival of Poetical Interpretation “Jiwasamphi Sartañani”, the Day of Human Rights and Poetry, the Festival of the Social Song “Stop Racismo” and the School Theater Prize “Aldo Velásquez”, as well as regional activities which are organized within the country.  These activities show the strengthening of this cultural project which was born in El Alto in the year of 1997. This year, they performed the play “Mama Coca” and for the 3rd time in a row they won the annual National Theater Prize “Peter Travesí” with the play “Leyendas de mi tierra” (“Legends of my home country”), which is directed by María Elena Cárdenas. They also strengthened the School Theater Prize “Aldo Velásquez”, which they organize every year. In 2010 and 2011, they performed in the North of Chile with the theater play adapted from Galeano.